Our Ministries

Time, Talent, Caring

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry. 

1 Timothy 1:12 

The ministries of Grace Church have flourished, even as we revitalize our parish through its transition. Ministries are important to our success and our spiritual journey.  We are proud of the many committees who keep the spirit of Grace Church alive by using their time and talents to minister to each other. 


We are a warm and welcoming church, and someone has suggested that our slogan should be “stop by Grace when you need a hug!”.


Maureen Merigold, our parish administrator, is also our community liaison. She works closely with Senior Warden Kay Standifer to coordinate all activities and functions that come under the umbrella of Grace Church.  In addition, we are part of the National Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Massachusetts, and our bylaws ensure that we operate within the protocols of both.

Altar Guild:
The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the altar, the flowers, and the linens needed for all the services of the church.

Any person(s) interested in being baptized or having a child baptized should contact the Rector. Instruction will be provided.


Building and Grounds

Building and Grounds are under the direction of Gail Frigon and her son Bill Frigon.  They are assisted by Richard Hart, Allan Fournier, and Will Merigold.  Also, the many volunteers who tend the grounds throughout the summer.  The building is in excellent shape, with funds from special donations, a Go–Fund-Me page, the Osgood fund, and H.E.L.P. envelopes supplementing our pledged income.​

Christian Formation: 
Polly Keister has taken on the responsibility of overseeing the Sunday School (including recruiting teachers and selecting a curriculum).  Her staff includes Mickey and Allan Fournier, Holly Martin-Bauschard, Eileen Moore, and Wayne Janelle.  All are CORI’d and Sori’d, and are Safe Church certified. 

The adult choir meets each Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. for rehearsals.

Confirmation and Inquirer's Classes
Held annually usually beginning in September ending with Confirmation at the Cathedral in Boston sometime in late April or early May. The classes are for those who have never been confirmed as well as those who would like to be received or to reaffirm their faith. Please contact the Rector's office if you are interested.

Good communication is essential!  It means that everyone in the parish knows what is going on.  To this end we have a very comprehensive monthly newsletter and a weekly “Grace-full Highlights” to keep everyone informed.  Along with the Bulletin, these are our major forms of communication.  A team consisting of Juliana Hart (chair), Barbara Hanson, and Maureen Merigold are committed to keeping parishioners up to date.  


Parishioners are chosen at Annual Meeting to fill the positions of Convention Representative and Deanery representatives.  Current members include Barbara Hanson and Alison Standifer.



This committee is vital to our financial well-being.  Led by Maureen Merigold, the committee also includes Joan Tinkham, (lobster- roll luncheons), Stephanie Haughey (parish dinners), Dr. Robert Lambe and choir (Christmas concert); and Gail Frigon, Louise Thompson and Jackie Almon, (food and Christmas crafts sales).  These events bring our parish closer to the community.

Liturgical/ Spiritual Life
TA worship committee meets regularly to plan for every aspect of our worship.  Committee members include the director of music, the head of Altar Guild, and Lay Eucharistic Ministers, and they work closely with the supply priest to ensure consistency.  We use the Book of Common Prayer as our guide, but we also use Enriching our Worship.  Grace Church boasts a most gifted organist and choir director, Dr. Robert Lambe, and multi-talented choir.  Our music varies from traditional hymns to Blue Grass to the more contemporary, and we have been known to incorporate flutes, banjos, violins and drums.  Lectors, Lay readers and Chalice Bearers are worship assistants who are a vital piece of our Worship.

Any persons interested in being married at Grace Church should contact the Rector.


Our parishioners are kind and generous, and they respond whenever there is a need.  Over the past few years we have supported various programs in nearby Providence, including needy families at E-Cubed Academy and Brother Raymond’s ministries.  A “Pennies from Heaven jar” sits in the rear of the Sanctuary and provides additional funds used to purchase gift cards for those in need.  Locally we support Lenore’s Food Pantry and have designated the third Sunday of the month as “Pantry Sunday”!

Our Knitting Ministry meets monthly and they create a delightful array of hats and mittens and prayer shawls.  We are excited to be the recipients of a large Bristol Case Grant, and plan to use this money to help local families with food, clothing, and with informative community gatherings.

We also support our local veterans’ agency in North Attleboro, hosting an annual Veteran’s Appreciation dinner in the fall.  Internationally we have supported several ministries in Africa, including a school for girls, and the building and equipping of a clinic and classroom in Kazeira.

Pastoral Care
PAn important committee is commissioned with the role of caring for the people of our parish.  Members visit shut-ins, make hospital visits, oversee our card ministry and our prayer shawl ministry, and coordinate Communion visits to shut ins.   A Prayer Circle meets on the first Saturday of the month to pray for the church, the parish, and the world, and a prayer chain prays for parishioners, family, and friends.  We are a family caring for one another.

Stewardship Committee
Stewardship is about people offering back to God their time and talent to do the work we were commissioned to do at our Baptism. It is about connecting with people, helping each other find our gifts for ministry, and finding ways to offer those gifts to the community.  

This year’s stewardship chairs are Bob and Sandy Chappuis.  They are aided by Maureen Merigold.  Our finances are overseen by our treasurer, Bob Dorn, along with assistant treasurer Maureen Merigold.  We have teams of counters in place, coordinated by Alison Standifer, and including Bob Burrows, Brian Auclair, Norman LeBeau, and Allan Fournier.

Youth Group
Gathering youth together to learn, grow and have fun.