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About Grace

Welcoming, Spiritual, Family Oriented


Grace Episcopal Church is located in the heart of downtown North Attleboro right next to the Richards Memorial Library at 104 North Washington Street.  

Grace Episcopal Church is a small church, built in the Gothic tradition, that features many beautiful stained glass windows, a spectacular rose window in the east, and a depiction of the Transfiguration window in the west which comes aglow with the rays of the setting sun.  The parish of Grace embraces the arts.

Our worship includes scripture, prayer and joyful spirit, as well as Communion. You do not have to be an Episcopalian to worship with us.  Music enhances our worship, and we are proud to have a talented organist, Dr. Robert Lambe, and a choir of wonderful singers.

Our congregation worships together, prays together, and supports each other through good times and not so good times.


Fun, food and community bring us together!

The doors are open and ALL are welcome!

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We welcome all to join us, wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

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