Lenore's Pantry

Helping Others

We support Lenore’s Pantry, a local food pantry sponsored by the North Attleboro Board of Health that operates out of North Attleboro Town Hall. Lenore’s services between 85-95 individuals/families every month.


We have designated the third Sunday of the month as Pantry Sunday. Parishioners bring in canned goods and other staple items, and teams of volunteers deliver them to Town Hall.


One of our parishioners even celebrated her 80th birthday by asking us to donate 80 items of food!


Needless to say, we exceeded that amount.

Please help us help others in need by reviewing the grocery list and bringing in items to donate.


Grocery List for Lenore's Pantry

Canned ham/chicken
Spaghetti Sauce
Pasta Salad mixes
Tuna Hamburger chicken helper
Lemonade/Kool-Aid mixes w/ sugar
Fruit cups
Freeze pops
Strawberry or grape jelly
Canned chili
Canned beef stew
Canned corned beef
Canned Meats & Tuna Fish

Sweet relish
Salad dressing
Maple syrup
Juice boxes