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Sunday Service starts at 9:15 for technology setup. Service from 9:30 to 10:30.


VIrtual Service Zoom Instructions

Grace Church will hold virtual Sunday Services.

Using a program called Zoom, we will hold a morning prayer service, led by Rev. Grant, with music from Bob Lambe.


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The Grace Church community continues to thrive… we are back to virtual services on Sunday due to the high rates of the coronavirus in our area.


When we are able to reconvene in person worship services, we will post the notices!

While the Bishop has approved our reopening plan, we are watching closely the recent increases in coronavirus activity in our area and our concerns for safety. Each Wednesday Dr. Lambe will research the status of local towns’ COVID activity to determine who and how many can gather in person. 

Outside service resumes

Rev. Grant conducts a Holy Eucharistic Service in the front of the Church each Wednesday at 12 noon, for April 21st only. Visit this page for updates. 

Rev. Grant will preside outside at the front of the Church, holding us in prayer and provide the Holy Eucharist. It will be cancelled in the worst of weather (precipitation falling, 40 degrees or lower and/or wind gust warnings).


All are welcome to join, no matter where you are in life: old, young, seekers and believers, men, women, divorced, single, partnered, LGBTQ+, married, no matter the # of piercings, color of hair or lack thereof. All coronavirus precautions will be observed.

COVID-19 Questions and Answers from Dr. Lambe

Many people have questions about how to apply the research and lessons learned to our daily life. We asked our own Dr. Lambe to help us. He talks about statistics, masks and staying home.

"Let me start by saying that the known science continues to lag well behind actual circumstances of the pandemic.  We know more than we did in March, but not nearly enough to give definitive answers to the questions that are being asked by many around the world."

Read the rest of the Q & A here.

Virtual worship opportunities

There are a number of services available, live streaming and recorded that are available.

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Tips for Coping with the Stress of COVID - 19

Are you feeling stressed and anxious? 

Here are some resources. Click on the black boxes.

CDC launches Coronavirus Self-Checker


The CDC launched an online bot called Clara to help people who think they may have COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, decide whether to seek medical care. The Coronavirus Self-Checker asks questions to establish the user's level of illness and their location, and recommendations for users may include calling 911 or staying at home and contacting a professional. Click on this link to access it.  Coronavirus Self-Checker

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